Alec Wang

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the result of projects, analyses on ideas and issues, or reviews on media I heavily engaged with. My favorite topics involve literature, software engineering, design, entrepreneurship, and of course data science and analytics.

  1. Building React with Django


    In my attempts to get better at a React Frontend, I noticed it was immensely cumbersome to translate some of my old Django Projects to use a React frontend. These are my early findings (read: opinions).

  2. What I Plan to Learn (in tech) By Q2 2021


    Following my first semester in Vancouver, I have been slightly disappointed in my ability to manage personal projects with my academic responsibilities. I was able to get great grades, but as this is my first semester since high school being unemployed I felt just a bit uncomfortable with how little I actually accomplished in terms of extra-curricular activities. To keep myself from becoming dull as a builder, I decided to pick up some tools I always had a bit of a hunger to pick up.

  3. Nasa SpaceApps 2020


    I have been spending the better part of the last 3 months training and developing a casual dev group of non-technical college students that I can implement hobby projects with. The fruits of this labor were proven recently when I entered us in an international hackathon organized by NASA called SpaceApps where we implemented what we later found out would be the winning entry of the competition.

  4. Introduction to Crawling and Scraping the Web


    This guide exists to communicate how I go about the meta tasks surrounding freelance scrape jobs that have significantly improved my experience with customers.

  5. 5 Great Things About an Internship at First Circle's Data Team


    A high-functioning data team is something that you can only understand by having seen one before. I take a moment to reflect about my experiences having had the privelage of working in one for 10 weeks.

  6. Winning the Sykes Data Science Hackathon


    Last year, I made it a goal to get to a point in my career where I could take first place in the annual Sykes-sponsored data science hackathon held in Ateneo De Manila University. This article will go through how I went about winning this competition after a year of self-taught machine learning as well as some reflections on the year-long process.


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